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About Mondo Code LLC

Based in Boulder, Colorado USA, Mondo Code LLC provides information about and access to news media -- newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations/networks and news websites.

We offer fast access to print and electronic news media via online directories and databases.

Eric Kallgren is the president of Mondo Code LLC. In 1995, Eric created GoSki.com, which quickly became one of the web's most popular and user-focused sports websites. He sold GoSki to Resort Sports Network in 1999 and went to work for RSN as interactive content director. At the end of 2000 Eric moved to Boulder, Colorado and formed Mondo Code to continue developing interactive services.

Our most popular service is Mondo Times, the worldwide news media guide. Mondo Times covers over 33,000 news media outlets worldwide.

Easy Media List is the fast, reliable and affordable way to download news media contact lists. In minutes you can create a list of USA media contacts that's yours to use for your on-going publicity efforts, including distribution of press releases and news alerts.

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If you have comments or questions about Mondo Code or the services we provide, feel free to contact us.

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