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American News Media Contact Information

We provide accurate and affordable media contact information for newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations across the United States.

Our exclusive database includes contacts for newspaper editors, magazine editors and news assignment editors at radio and TV stations.

You can find media contacts two ways -- using our media directory or our media list download service:

Mondo Times is our directory of American news media outlets.

Easy Media List is our media list download service, where you can customize, order and download media lists for an American city or state, or a wide range of business topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between these services?
At Mondo Times you can find over 19,000 American newspapers, magazines, radio/TV stations and networks. Easy Media List is a media list download service where you can customize a media contact list to meet your needs. You can download and save these media lists for your on-going use with just a click.

Are email addresses included?
Yes. We provide the email address where each media outlet wishes to receive press releases and other requests for story coverage. In most cases this is a personal email address, but sometimes it is a 'role' account such as editor@yournewspaper.

Which media outlets are covered?
Mondo Times and Easy Media List cover all kinds of newspapers, magazines, radio stations/networks, TV stations/networks, and news agencies. We cover very few music radio stations, because most of them do not produce their own news programs.

Which countries are covered?
Mondo Times is the worldwide guide to the news media. However we provide contact information only for news media in the United States. Easy Media List covers only American news media outlets.

Do you offer a press release distribution service?
Not at this time. With our services, you get the media contact information and can use it again and again. You can save a great deal of money on distribution, and establish a dialogue with the media outlets most important to you.

Who are your customers?
We have served over 25,000 customers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our media contact services.

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